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Welcome to the Med-Psych Network
Welcome to our website.

The Reflex Hammer Page was started in 1996 hosted on a Geocities account. It was created as a response to a lack of information about reflex hammers at that time. It started as a joke as it seemed EVERYTHING had a web site dedicated to it at that time and we were shocked to find that there was nothing on reflex hammers.

Medical Education Discussion Forums - the discussion forums have been moved to a new site. You can check out all of the old discussions and many new ones on the new site.

You can also find our selection of recommended Doctor Gifts and Medical Gifts Site

The Cheap Inkjet Refills and Inkjet Cartridges Company Reviews were started many years ago and has been a long standing core part of this website. If you have feedback on any of the companies, please pass along your comments.

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Popular Discussions
The following were the most popular discussions prior to the move to the new website. Check them out and plenty of new discussions.

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